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tsogud said:
o_O.Q said:

" This desensitizes people to actual victim blaming of rape victims and lessens the impression of the horrible things and scrutiny rape victims go through in this day and age."

that you can post this and not see the irony in it truly is a sight to behold for me, the lack of self awareness is absolutely amazing lol

Funnily enough I didn't ask for your opinion and made it very clear that your interaction with me is unwanted.

I felt it needed to be said not necessarily for your benefit since as I've said you seem to lack self awareness

but to anyone that has consistent values you cannot say that the actions of women play no part in the analysis of assault of women and then do a complete 180 and claim that andy ngo's actions are paramount when it comes to discussion of his assault, its fucking silly to say both things

it shows either dishonesty or a lack of awareness

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