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Jaicee said:

I think we're basically done here (on these topics anyway), but will just say a few things for clarity:

1) I'm not against female separatism. Jeffreys is a female separatist. In principle I support it, in fact, as at least a temporary tactic for consciousness-raising. As to whether it's a viable, long-term objective or whether instead more confrontation approaches to making revolution (such as women's strikes that shut down society, as the March 8th movement mobilizes) are preferable in that regard is, in my view, an open question. Make no mistake though: radical feminists are called that for a reason, not just as an aesthetic choice.

2) As Jeffreys pointed out, there is indeed such a thing as lesbian identity politics. I would point out that the distinction is made clearer by the fact that lesbian identity politics have sometimes been wielded against lesbian feminists. I mentioned the broad definition of the term lesbian that lesbian feminists (as Jeffreys) often use before. This broad definition of the term has historically been used by some lesbians who were "born this way" to complain that lesbian feminism is a form of cultural appropriation by fakes. Don't get me wrong, cultural appropriation is a real thing, but aesthetic appropriation isn't what political lesbianism is about; it's about transforming society for the benefit of all women rather than concerning one's self with only a small percentage of the female population. There is a difference.

3) I feel that comparing me to neo-Nazis is highly disingenuous and more than a little over the line.

There is no need to reply to this post unless you just want to. I was just making those points because they cried out to be made.

I didn't mean to make that comparison to use the stigma of Nazism to throw shade at your ideology, merely to make clear that I find separatism and identity politics distasteful no matter where I see it. Radical feminism is not ideologically comparable to Nazism, and I apologize if I made you feel like I was implicating that, and agree that doing so would be disingenuous. Thanks again for the discussion, Jaicee.