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Ryng_Tolu said:
Shadow1980 said:

Damn. You're right. I looked it up and it was confirmed up ~40% according to a report from a firm called Mizuho Securities. I got the correct PS4 figure for Nov. 2017 from Welfare some months ago, so ~1.2M is indeed correct for Nov. 2016.

It also means the figures I have for the XBO are off as well. Apparently the XBO sold 90% what the PS4 did in Nov. 2017, which would put it around 1.52M, which would also mean about 1.09M for Nov. 2016. I currently have figures of just over 1M for Nov. 2016 and 1.37M for Nov. 2017.

Even tho the article said XBO sold 90% of PS4 sales, someone said that was not correct.

It also can't be more than 1.51m because it was confirmed December 2016 was still his best month ever, so it has to be less than that.

The 1.37m for XB1 in November 2017 could be off but many of us still use that.

Yeah. I spent some time digging and asking around. The numbers I already had for the XBO were right. It was only the PS4's Nov. 2017 figure that was wrong. The 1.2M was right.