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I feel like we're still in 2015 or 2016 when I read this thread? Haven't people at a gaming website been following gaming news? Haven't they seen that they tripled their 1st party studio count to diversify their line up and produce more than Halo, Gears and Forza, not that I agree with the statement saying that's what they only had. Haven't they looked at the studios and saw that the majority of them are a single player focused studios? Haven't they noticed that those studios are known for RPG, Action, RTS, platformer, story driven games? Haven't they noticed Halo is taking 5 years to develop, Motorsport is taking an extra year and other developers is taking their time as well?

I agree that GamePass will push them to find GAAS games. I also think it will push them to diversify the line up. It will push them to get single player, multiplayer, MMO and other type of games. It will push them to get games from US, Europe and Japan. It will push them to keep pumping game to keep the subscriptions coming. Why only look at what you think is the bad side?

They are doing it the right way. Instead of pushing devs to produce game in a crazy schedule, they got more devs so they can take their time. They are allowing them to do whatever thing they would like to do. They are allowing them to grow and higher more people.