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Random_Matt said:
People defend a chip that came out in 2014 saying it is not overpriced, wow. Nvidia ripped Nintendo off as they do with everyone, then Nintendo decided to rip off consumers as well. It is not even close to being worth the retail price, clueless.

The chip wasn't even announced until 2015.  299 was actually a fairly reasonable price.  Not a bargain but fair enough.  And the package includes other things besides that chip.  Far from a ripoff.  At least at launch.  It could stand a pricecut now.

And the time difference between chip release and the console is similar to the PS4.  The PS4 GPU is essentially a Radeon 7850, which was a chip that hit the market in spring 2012.  It was over 1.5 years before PS4 came out.  The Switch was slightly less than 2 years from chip availability and launch.  And as with PS4's GPU, the X1 was high end when it first launched in 2015.