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It's official, Nintendo Switch Lite is real, and is coming in September. In the reveal video, Nintendo made it clear that it's not a replacement for the main Nintendo Switch system, rather its a niche product for those who want a strictly handheld only experience. Since the main Switch form factor's not going anywhere, that means the Switch Pro is more than likely real as well. As such, when can we expect it? IMO, next year is when we'll see a Switch Pro arrive, alongside BotW 2. Plus, more Labo Kits, and another Super Mario Party to let people know that Nintendo isn't abandoning the Joy-Con or the hybrid design of the main Switch. I was skeptical of Nintendo introducing a handheld only Switch as I felt it'd be an admission by them that the Switch concept wasn't good, signalling a lack of confidence in their own products. But that said, they did a good job keeping the 2DS and main 3DS systems in the spotlight together for most of the 3DS' life, so if they can have the main Switch form factor, and Switch Lite co-existing, then I think the Switch will be fine.

I still want to see Nintendo do more with the Joy-Con, so I'm more interested in seeing the Switch Pro in the future.