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Back to election news:

As you probably know, the U.S. women's soccer team recently won the World Cup (YaY!). As you may also know, there was a bit of a spat in the lead-up to that development between President Trump and the co-captain of the American team, Megan Rapinoe, wherein Rapinoe pledged not to accept any commemorative invitation to the White House if her team was victorious (which she was in no danger of, considering that the Trump Administration has extended only one such invitation to a mere women's team to date) and Trump responded by saying that Rapinoe should "win first" anyway. Her team went on to indeed win their second consecutive World Cup, with Rapinoe receiving the golden shoe for scoring the most goals. (Surprise! No White House invitation has been extended in response so far.)

Public Policy Polling subsequently surveyed Americans on whether, if Rapinoe ran for and secured the Democratic Party's nomination for president, they would vote for Trump or her in the general election. The results were as follows:

Megan Rapinoe: 42%
Donald Trump: 41%

Rapinoe wins (at least in the popular vote anyway). On the basis of absolutely no qualifications for the office whatsoever. Needless to say, Rapinoe is unlikely to run for president, but what this finding suggests is that voters, at least at this moment anyway, seem to believe that almost anyone could do a better job of leading the United States than our current president. So do I.