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Bofferbrauer2 said:
JEMC said:

Tuesday news, part two:

G2A offered 10 outlets the chance to publish pre-written advertorials without disclosure
Indie Games Plus writer Thomas Faust posted an email from G2A on Twitter where a representative for the company asked the site to publish a pre-written article claiming that selling stolen keys was impossible. The representative said that the article conjured up by a key reseller with a significant investment in the subject was "unbiased". The real kicker, however, was the instruction that the post not be marked as sponsored.

G2A is really digging itself deeper and deeper...

I like it, that shop really shouldn't have the success it has. Just pure greed, both by their executives, their sellers and their customers.

Don't really get the G2A hate, it's just Ebay but for game keys. I've sold keys on there myself and bought keys and never had a problem. Bad Apples are going to sell stolen keys whether G2A exists or not. There are 100+ key sites on the internet. As long as steam keys exist they will be sold.

Demonizing G2A will accomplish nothing, and I've yet to see someone give a suggestion on how it could improve beyond "G2A is bad, should die." Besides within the last year they've already changed it so you need to verify ID before you can even begin selling, if someone is selling stolen keys they can easily be tracked down and punished.

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