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curl-6 said:
Azuren said:

Because FPS was optimized for KB/M. Adapting FPS to dual analogs (and southpaw before it) was groundbreaking in that it made an accurate shooter on console. BotW is the exact same controls of an open world but on a handheld.

Right, they all have their own little quirks, but I'd hardly consider fire physics and brittle weapons groundbreaking.

But you'd never been able to take a massive AAA open world experience with you in the palm of your hands before. It's the same thing; bringing one kind of experience to a new kind of platform.

And please, if you're going to discuss this, at least be serious, we both know that reducing BOTW's multiplicative systems-driven gameplay to two random elements is disingenuous. 

That doesn't make it groundbreaking, at very least not in the same realm as SM64 perfecting the 3D platformer genre.

Honestly, BotW hasn't done anything that other open world games haven't done at some point. Literally every element in BotW is present elsewhere. It's not revolutionary, it's just a masterpiece. Sometimes things don't have to be unique or "first" to be the best. Sometimes they just have to be well crafted.

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