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curl-6 said:
Azuren said:

So now it is a separate part of gaming, like I'd just said? BotW was a fantastic game and in my top ten, but to say it brought significant change is a stretch. It simply reintroduced the concept of total freedom.

PC was "separate" from console yet bringing FPS games to console properly was significant. By the same token, so is bringing massive open world experiences to mobile.

And no other open world game functions in the way that BOTW does.

Because FPS was optimized for KB/M. Adapting FPS to dual analogs (and southpaw before it) was groundbreaking in that it made an accurate shooter on console. BotW is the exact same controls of an open world but on a handheld.

Right, they all have their own little quirks, but I'd hardly consider fire physics and brittle weapons groundbreaking.

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