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jason1637 said:

Think they forgot already about Ojeda's campaign...

HylianSwordsman said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Also, I wish I could yell at those guys to run for Senate instead. What good would it be for the democrats if they win the presidency yet having a republican senate that blocks everything from getting through?

Bullock yes. He pissed a lot of people off by running for president when all his allies and pretty much every democrat in Montana wanted him to run for Senate. He has the best chance of any Democrat at getting the seat from Steve Daines. Or if he wanted to guarantee himself a seat somewhere in congress, he could run against Gianforte, and would crush him because Gianforte is an embarrassment to the state for having attacked a reporter during his campaign.

Sestak no. There is no Senate seat to run for right now, so he doesn't have a lot better to do. He still shouldn't have gotten in the race, but he's probably doing so because he wants to build his political brand for a future Senate run. That said, I'd rather he not run for Senate at all. He already lost to Pat Toomey before in 2010, and then in 2016 he cost us a really good candidate by splitting the anti-establishment vote, handing the nomination to a mini-Hillary in a state Hillary lost, and thus handing the Senate seat to Toomey again. He's caused enough trouble for this seat. He should run for a House seat again, the newly de-gerrymandered map has much more room for Dems.

Yeah, I lost track about whom having a senate election in his state and who does not.

How about Swalwell, since he dropped out of the race now? Does he have a senate election in his state coming?

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