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d21lewis said:

Mr_No said:
Super Mario World no question. Probably the Nintendo game I love the most and the one I had most fondest memories of still to this day.

I still have warm memories of being a kid watching Family Matters on a Friday night and seeing this commercial: https://youtu.be/EQ3clCcwHFc

At that  moment all was right with the world. 

For me, it was this commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8l5KN7x6rS0

I was obsessed with dinosaurs at that age, and the phrase "you've never needed help from a dinosaur before" really stuck with me. It instantly solidified Mario as "cool" in my tiny kid mind. I immediately knew I needed that game. Cut me some slack, I was like, five. I had most certainly not conquered every Mario game at that point, pretty much had only played a few levels of 1 and 3, but Mario had a dinosaur now and I needed it.