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Machiavellian said:
jason1637 said:

I don't see enough people hold police responsible. People like you like to come up with silly excuses for them not doing their job properly. Manpower is not the issue. Not all of them but a good chunk of them are imcompetent.

I have a lot of friends who are police and I know how hard they work for a thankless job.  When the police do their job, you give no praise but you are quick to blame when something goes wrong.  A lot of things the police do you never see but it affects you and your well being.  You say I give silly excuses but not once did you give a solution I asked you about multiple times.  How do you fix a manpower issue during large protest.  When you can come up with an answer maybe your viewpoint can be taken seriously but right now its just "I want to blame the police because who else is there".  You do not have an answer so its probably best to just ignore the question.

Anyway, as long as you think they are not doing their job or incompetent you will always have someone to blame.

Police do a decent enough job at other things but when it comes to protests they do a poor job and their incompetence shows. I've already answered your manpower question. These are not the first time protest have been happening so they just need to look back at turnout from previous protest to determine how many cops they will need. They can also have people ready if turnout is more than expected.

Biggerboat1 said:
jason1637 said:

1. Dude there is a big difference between a phone battery and the police force doing their job. First companies know that people want more battery life so we see newer phones having more of that compared to the predecessor that came out a year ago. Second if you have options when it comes to phones. If you want a better camera, or/and a better battery there are phones that exceed in these areas. Lastly the police department are publicly funded so we the people are funding and paying them to do their job. Me expecting them to protect people during protests makes sense because were the ones paying them to. If you had a maid and they didnt clean a room in your house you're not going to go "aww man that sucks but I shouldnt expect you to do that".

Well there is a correlation but it's not really fair when you take into account the war on drugs, and that our criminal justice system is unfair towards minorities.

2. I'm not saying that they're not doing their jobs. I'm just trying to say that they are failing at certain aspects of their obs that they should not be at this point. These incidents have happened on numerous occasions and the police aren't better prepared to handle them now than they were years ago. Do you not see a problem with that?

3. I never claimed that my opinions on euthanasia were universal. Some people support it and some don't. You don't need real world experience to form an opinion on something. 

1. Ok, let's end this point here. I was merely using the phone battery comparison as a way to express that when you only look at the headline 'batteries last less time than they used to therefore phone companies are incompetent' or 'police fail to man protests therefore are incompetent', without looking at the underlying factors then you're simplifying the debate to the point of irrelevance. You either don't understand what I'm trying to say or don't want to.

2. Yes, but why are they, by your definition, 'failing'? The reasons will likely be complex and the assumption that it's due primarily to incompetence is really just a shot in the dark on your part.

3. 'I never claimed that my opinions on euthanasia were universal' - well, they read like you're listing established facts.

'You don't need real world experience to form an opinion on something.' - no you don't, but those opinions are likely to be less well informed as a consequence. I've watched a bunch of war films and documentaries and feel I understand the basic mechanics but if I wanted to form an opinion on, say, what level of mental health funding veterans should get, my first port of call would be to listen to soldiers experiences and those in the metal health field who work with them. I don't have direct knowledge or experience so I'll listen to those that do.

Machiavellian has already stated that he knows multiple policemen, all of who are honest & hard-working. Do you know any policemen, and if so, are they incompetent? I'm not saying you have to base your entire opinion on his experience but that anecdotal evidence is at least... evidence... What are you basing your opinion on? Assumptions & lazy-thinking is my guess... I suggest you leave your gut-led opinion bunker and actually allow yourself to absorb the experiences of others, in scenarios when you yourself have little or none to draw on...

1. I get what you're trying to say but I think it's bullshit. Police departments are incompetent when it comes to protecting people during protests and yeah there underlying reasons for this but I don't see why these reasons would have a big effect on how they do their job ar protest. They have the manpower and the resources needed to stop violence but somehow are unable to. I see that as incompetence.

2. They have been unable on multiple occasions to protect people during protest period. They need to work on that and do a better job.

3. You should know it's an opinion. Saying euthanasia is dumb reads like an opinion.

You can still form an opinion by just reading studies and records on veterans mental health issue. If you ask people their experiences will vary and you might not be able to get a full picture of the situation.

Well I know cops too. My best friends dad and sister is a cop, my uncle is one too, and a family friend is a cop. I also have friends trying to become cops. Some of the cops I know are good and hard workign and some i'm surprised that they're still cops.