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The second part of the Monday news. You know it will be long:

G2A says it will pay devs 10 times what they lose in chargebacks due to fraud
This week, several developers and publishers expressed their displeasure at seeing their games sold via key reseller G2A, some even saying they'd prefer people to pirate their games instead of purchasing them from the website. Today, G2A has responded with a statement where it says it will pay developers ten times the money they've lost through chargebacks for keys bought with stolen credit cards, as long as there's proof.

Pokémon-inspired MMO TemTem has a playable alpha if you pre-order soon
Temtem, which we described as looking "as close to a Pokémon MMO as legally possible" last year, has been moving along after a successful Kickstarter. The developers recently opened the door to more players (and more money) with an alpha for everyone who pre-orders the game. But there's a catch: those pre-orders are only available for a very limited time.

We Need to go Deeper is a Jules Verne-inspired undersea roguelike
We Need to go Deeper is a "a Jules Verne-inspired roguelike set under the sea" that mainly takes place aboard a yellow submarine of the sort The Beatles might go roaming around in. That's how we described it in May 2014 (2014!), when it was still jostling for the thumbs-up on Steam Greenlight. (Remember that?)"

Shelter developer teases new online RPG
You probably know Might and Delight (if not by name) from its Shelter games about mother animals and their extremely accident-prone offspring. The harrowing experience of keeping your adorable badger and lynx children from being eaten or freezing to death has spawned other Shelter spinoffs by the studio: the "forum in game's clothing" called Meadow and lone baby lynx simulator, Paws. Earlier this year, the studio also announced Shelter 3, but that's apparently not all it has in store for us.

TinyBuild rebuts story that it doesn't update the GOG versions of its games
A redditor named Snolus detailed an odd and unhappy encounter with a TinyBuild rep earlier this week, in which they were told that TinyBuild's games on GOG generally aren't given updates or DLC because of the lack of DRM.

Spaceland is a bite-sized sci-fi strategy game that plays like XCOM
Tortuga Team wants to slake your alien-murdering bloodlust with its recently announced strategy sci-fi RPG, Spaceland. The studio, whose first strategy game tackled the fantasy genre, is returning with some sleeker 3D models over the 2D from Braveland.

Two new Starbase videos showcase deep-space battles and robotic gunfights
The outer-space MMO Starbase struck us as a cross between EVE Online and Minecraft when it was announced in May. Players can design and build spaceships, then take them into the void to mine, trade, form alliances and factions, and—naturally—shoot at each other, both in large-scale ship-to-ship battles, and in more personal shooter-style combat between robotic avatars.

Pokémon Snap-style games about photographing cute animals are hot right now
We will never play Pokémon Snap on PC. I made peace with that sometime over the last 20 years. That doesn't mean my heart doesn't skip a beat every time I see something similarly wholesome in the works. Now that all the kids who grew up playing Pokémon Snap are adults making videogames, I've started to see a few indie games with the same Snap soul making the rounds on Twitter.

Sign ups for the Desperados 3 closed beta are open
We've already gotten our own first look at Desperados 3, and now you can (potentially) do the same by signing up for the closed beta.
Like Mimimi's previous stealth game, Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Desperados 3 will feature stealth puzzles where you control several characters with unique abilities in real time. As a puzzle game lover but rarely one for stealth, Shadow Tactics was the perfect union between the two genres for me when it released back in 2016, and I'm looking forward to more of the same head-scratching setups in Desperados 3.

American Truck Simulator's next expansion goes to Utah
American Truck Simulator is headed for the Beehive State. Developer SCS Software recently dropped an announcement trailer for the game's latest expansion, Utah, marking the seventh state added to American Truck Simulator, alongside California, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, Oregon, and New Mexico. At this pace, you might be able to haul your goods across the whole country someday.

Gears 5's Escalation is the series' 'most intense competitive mode to date'
If you've ever thought that Gears of War's multiplayer is too simplistic, The Coalition is trying to change your mind with Gears 5. A recent blog post and video from the developer breaks down how its marquee competitive mode, Escalation, is changing for Gears 5.

Elite Dangerous teases fleet carriers and rebrands its premium currency
Later this year, you'll be able to park your little ship in a bigger ship in Elite Dangerous. At this year's Lavecon, a partly-Elite focused fan event in Northamptonshire, developer Frontier Developments teased the biggest stuff coming to Elite Dangerous for the rest of 2019: fleet carriers, better onboarding, and a rebranding of its premium currency on all platforms.

Inside and Limbo dev keeps hiding new sci-fi concept art in job posts
Playdead, developers of excellent games Inside and Limbo, haven't shown much from their new sci-fi game. The developer shared a single image of a lonely astronaut back in 2017 and one other of a vast cave in a tweet from last year, but that's it. Except, it's not.

Warframe trailer teases its next quest where aliens launch a mass invasion
During Warframe's annual Tennocon convention, Digital Extremes unveiled a new trailer for the next quest in Warframe's main campaign, The New War. First teased during Tennocon last year, The New War sees the Sentients, an evil alien race that lives beyond the solar system, launch a full-scale invasion on Earth and its surrounding planets.

Warframe is getting a third open-world zone and it looks trippy
For the past two years, Warframe has been adding open-world zones that are a big departure from its usual claustrophobic corridor run-n-gun combat. Today, during Digital Extremes' annual Tennocon convention, the developers revealed the new zone coming to Warframe at a later date—and it looks like nothing I've ever seen in Warframe.

Fallout 76's next patch will improve the new-player experience
The next patch for Fallout 76 may not be adding NPCs (that's coming in fall), but it is apparently going to include a handful of significant changes. Enough that patch 11 has been delayed to mid-July to incorporate them all.

Odd indie horror game Ode to a Moon has a demo
Indie dev Colorfiction reached out to let us know their next game has a Steam page and one on itch, and that there's a little demo should anyone want to check it out. Sure, I thought, why not? And that kind of inconsequential decision is how every horror movie begins.

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition heads to PC later this year
During Bandai Namco Entertainment's 'Future of Digimon' panel at this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles, the publisher revealed that Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition is heading to PC later this year with a release date set for October 18.

Horror adventure NG will arrive on PC in October
Aksys Games has announced that NG, the second title in the 'Spirit Hunter' series, will release on Steam in October. The announcement came during the Anime Expo 2019, this weekend.

Destiny 2 shows off the new Moon in this short trailer
Bungie has revealed a short trailer at GuardianCon which gives us our first real look at the Moon, the setting for Destiny 2's upcoming Shadowkeep expansion which is set to drop in September.

The Division 2 still has secrets for players to discover
The Division 2 has been out for a good few months now, but it seems that there are still some secrets that have yet to be uncovered by players.
"When I go down the checklist, there's still a couple," Red Storm creative director Terry Spier told Game Informer.

Code Vein's opening cinematic is extremely anime
Code Vein, Bandai Namco's forthcoming vampire action game, just had its opening cinematic revealed at Play Anime and you can watch it above. A young child runs down some post-apocalyptic streets in a gas mask, being pursued by (bad, unattractive) vampires. Then some rival (good, attractive) vampires show up to rescue the kid and strike dramatic poses, the theme songs starts up and it's montage time.

Borderlands 3 wants to make multiplayer more accessible
If you absolutely must, Borderlands can be played all on your lonesome, but the series has always encouraged vault hunters to team up with buds to shoot skags and make some cash. At a panel at Guardian Con last week, Gearbox revealed how it's expanding co-op with new features and greater accessibility in Borderlands 3.

Rising Storm 2's Green Army Men mode launches this week, is goofy and fun
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam's new mode, launching this Tuesday, shrinks its battlefields to backyards and its soldiers to plastic toys: the ubiquitous Green Army Men who've spent decades fighting each other for control of carpets and lawns. There are four maps, one of which is the Christmas-themed map from last year's Army Men event, and the mode is free for all owners of Rising Storm 2.

RuneScape gets dinosaurs in a prehistoric update
Stalwart RuneScape has been around for a long time, but today it delves into a piece of Gielinor's history that's apparently gone unexplored, introducing dinosaurs into the MMO in the process. Land Out of Time adds a new area to the game, one that doesn't seem to have caught up with the rest of the world, and you can put on your pith helmet and start exploring it now.

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