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JRPGfan said:
crissindahouse said:

MS's devs already said that they have almost total freedom now and that they get much more time if needed (which we already see with Forza Motorsport, Halo...)

MS also bought studios like Double Fine and they didn't buy a dev for what they achieved with Hellblade just for multiplayer.

Phil Spencer said that Game Pass will be important especially for SINGLE player games and you just say that Game Pass proves how it's all about multiplayer.

"Phil says Game pass is important for single player games.... "

"They bought the dev's behinde Hellblade"

And what happend? Ninja Theory first game, is a multiplayer online AA game called Bleeding Edge.

Also if Phil says Game pass is important for single player games.... how many single player focused games, have MS made that are currently on it?
My impression is that Xbox says one thing, but does another.

Your saying that my assumption that Gamepass is for cheap AA games with Online Multiplayer focus, GaaS type, is wrong...
Can you say why? other than "phil says".

Double Fine is doing "Psychonauts 2" currently,  but that was in the work before MS bought them.
Thats a single player game, but are you confident that there next game wont be a Online Focused game?

Ninja Theory had been working on Bleeding Edge for years before MS bought them. You’re knowledgeable about the gaming scene enough to know this. 

“single player focus” is subjective. I play Horizon 4 exclusively solo. I play State of Decay 2 exclusively solo. I play Crackdown 3 only solo. They have Hellblade on there. All of the Fables. All Gears. All Halos. You can say Gears and Halo have MP, but the SP is just as relevant and important. You would probably say Last of Us and Uncharted are SP focused even though they have MP.

Plus looking at non-MS games, there are fucktons of SP games on the service. This idea that GamePass is for GaaS MP games and episodic SP titles is nonsense because MS is also selling these games at retail.