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"Variety is the spice of life"
Thats the main issue..... too much of their focus seems on online-multiplayer and GaaS type games.
They should get praise for doing a platformer as good looking as "Ori" though.

Sadly this isnt going to change imo, because of Gamepass, and them viewing xbox as a service.
They want things that could potentially last, so everything needs to be online multiplayer focused GaaS.

"Obviously you can't make every game a blockbuster"
You actually could, you controll these companies and their pockets.
MS could dictate they all need to hire, and only do AAA games.

MS doesnt want to give them time to do quality, or open the pocket book for it, though.
Developers say MS interfer, changeing their plans for games mid developement, and when they ask for more time, they just get cancelled.
Its why quality is low on alot of these titles, their rushed out the gate.

-edit:  Sony basically came out and said their doubleing down, on AAA focused developements for the PS5.

"Keep them Xbox exclusive"
What is xbox though? because Phill isnt even trying to sell you consoles anymore.
Play anywhere, old console? new console? PC? want to stream it? ect they just want the sale of the game.
At this point, xbox future could end up as a "app" you install.

They even talked about putting Halo on competeing platforms (ei. playstation)
like How you can play Minecraft everywhere now..... imagine next gen, Halo also launches on playstation 5.

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