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haxxiy said:
JEMC said:
It's a shame that there are no 3800X reviews yet. The 3700X seems a bit constricted by its low TDP, so the extra 40W of its sibling could make it the best choice.

Nah, power efficiency rules the day.

I'm sure within the next decade, at most, computer parts will start to be a strong target of power consumption regulations, specially GPUs and servers. So better start to appreciate it right now!

Don't get me wrong, the 3700X is great and it's amazing how it manages to do what it does at just 65W. But, in some of the reviews I've read, these chips seem to be a bit limited, specially when it comes to overclocking, because of its low power limit.

That's why I think that the 3800X, with a bigger limit, could be the best choice, specially for those that want to get as much of those chips as they can.

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