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Biggerboat1 said:
jason1637 said:

1. Lol the comparison is bad. Phone batteries are getting better but police departments are not when it comes ot handling violence at protest. Yes officers do have hard and important jobs and it's important for them to know what their job entails before they take it because if they fail to do so they deserve to be scrutinized.

Incarceration rates don't mean much because of how flawed our criminal justice system is and how dumb some laws are.

2. Well excuse me for expecting a police officer to do their job.

3. Okay I misworded that post then. I fell empathy for situation but I don't feel empathy for the cause he is supporting.

I'm not saying you're dumb if you support a dumb cause like euthanasia. There are smart people that believe in not so smart things.

Well those claims I made seem locked down to me. I don't think the other arguments made for euthanasia are good or locked down.

The comparison could be better yeah but it's a fair one in this situation. Someone is about to die which sucks and they are spending their last days on something that's bad whether it be euthanasia or radicalisation.

1. Phone batteries last nowhere near as long as batteries of 10-15 years ago. Are there reasonable factors that make this fact acceptable, yes. But according to your mentality, the reasons shouldn't be looked at. Batteries should last as long as they did in the past, just because I demand it to be so. Do you see how removing the nuance reduces the debate to irrelevance?

So you don't think there's a correlation between number of incarcerated and number of arrests?

2. Again, it's not a simple case of a) doing your job or b) not doing your job - we don't live in a world of simple binaries like that. But I'm done discussing this point, in fact, it's not really a discussion, you are simply repeating the same rudimentary over-simplifications over and over.

3. The thing is Jason, something is not dumb or bad just because you deem it to be so. You make these statements as if they are universal truths when in reality they are just 1 young man's opinions. I, and others have given examples of 1st hand experiences of dealing with real suffering and torment which have influenced our stance on the topic of euthanasia. You on the other hand stick stubbornly to your position of 'life is precious regardless' without seemingly having any real-world experience to draw on...

1. Dude there is a big difference between a phone battery and the police force doing their job. First companies know that people want more battery life so we see newer phones having more of that compared to the predecessor that came out a year ago. Second if you have options when it comes to phones. If you want a better camera, or/and a better battery there are phones that exceed in these areas. Lastly the police department are publicly funded so we the people are funding and paying them to do their job. Me expecting them to protect people during protests makes sense because were the ones paying them to. If you had a maid and they didnt clean a room in your house you're not going to go "aww man that sucks but I shouldnt expect you to do that".

Well there is a correlation but it's not really fair when you take into account the war on drugs, and that our criminal justice system is unfair towards minorities.

2. I'm not saying that they're not doing their jobs. I'm just trying to say that they are failing at certain aspects of their obs that they should not be at this point. These incidents have happened on numerous occasions and the police aren't better prepared to handle them now than they were years ago. Do you not see a problem with that?

3. I never claimed that my opinions on euthanasia were universal. Some people support it and some don't. You don't need real world experience to form an opinion on something.