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the-pi-guy said:

Snoopy said:

Undocumented means you don't have the proper paperwork to live or do something here which is also another way of saying illegal. Also, VGChartz can ban me if I break their TOS. There are rules and you should follow them. As an Admin you of all people should know.

Ridiculous comparison.  If you're banned off VGC, you're fine. 

People don't die, trying to log into VGC.

People don't come to VGC, trying to avoid getting murdered.  

No one has lived in VGC for their entire childhood, only to get sent over to a country they have absolutely no memory of.  

For empathy's sake, what if you found out that you were an illegal immigrant.  Suppose your parents came over illegally when you were 3.  Would you find it fair, if you were deported right now?

Snoopy said:

Only a few Illegal immigrants pay income taxes, State taxes or property taxes. This is because illegal immigrants get paid under the table and they also do illegal activities like drug trafficking. This is why they can't pay federal taxes for example. Furthermore, many illegal immigrants can't even speak English, what makes you think they know how to do taxes lol.

About half of all illegals pay income taxes.  


>they also do illegal activities like drug trafficking

Factually, illegal immigrants commit less crime than citizens.  Although more crime than legal immigrants.  

> Furthermore, many illegal immigrants can't even speak English, what makes you think they know how to do taxes

The crazy thing is, the IRS has a spanish website to help out questions.


Snoopy said:

You're right, that's why we need to build a wall and charge the country that sent them here a fine or else we keep putting sanctions on them.

Wall doesn't fix the problem.  Most illegal immigrants come over by other methods.  About 10% of all illegals come from Asia.  

>charge the country that sent them here a fine 

Countries aren't "sending" people.  That's completely ludicrous.  

Yes, I would be okay with the government deporting my parents if they broke the law. If my parents broke the law right now, for example, killed someone or didn't pay their taxes on purposes for years they need to be in jail. I will still love them but doesn't change the fact what they did was illegal.

If you cross the border illegally you already committed a serious crime. So illegal immigrants are already 100% criminals by default. So who is going to point them to the Spanish site when they didn't learn about America lifestyle and rules? Most of them probably don't even know where to begin. Also, VOX isn't a credible source. They have been debunked quite a bit already or spin numbers to their benefit.

Have you not been paying attention to the caravans we have lately?  A lot of the countries are encouraging illegal immigrants because for one they get a job here and send money back to their families in their home country. Not to mention we pick up the tab for all their citizens especially young children.

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