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Torillian said:
Snoopy said:

They are criminals, why do you think they call them ILLEGAL? Not our problem if they get sick. There are billions of people who get sick on earth, doesn't mean it is our responsibility to take care of them. They should fix their own Country instead of leaching off of us.

well I mean shit if they call them illegal you got me there, not like politics could play any part of that decision and they used to be called undocumented. 


If I call you an illegal poster can I decide you're a criminal that should be jailed without having to make any real arguments about why your illegal actions are more meaningful than some other non-jailable illegal actions?

You're right, we're not responsible for anything citizen or not, but I'd rather not specifically let people in this country die if I have a say in it. 

Undocumented means you don't have the proper paperwork to live or do something here which is also another way of saying illegal. Also, VGChartz can ban me if I break their TOS. There are rules and you should follow them. As an Admin you of all people should know.