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Biggerboat1 said:
jason1637 said:

I never claimed it was problem solved. You mentioned me supporting them and I just said why I do.

1) 990k and 590k are big numbers. But the point I'm trying to make is that the police have the resources and manpower. The reason some cities and towns have high crime rates is because they have incompetent cops that cant do their job right.

It's a simple pov but that's because it's not that complicated. The job of the police is ot maintain order and protect the people. 2) When the police fault o do this they fail at their jobs. When the same incidents continue to happen its more obvious that the police lack protocall to handle them.

3) I'm not telling the guy how he should live his life. I just find what he's doing pointless and a waste of time and i'd suggest he do more positive things. If he wants to waste his last days campaigning for euthanasia then more power to the guy but I wouldn't recommend or support it.

I'm very empathetic. I'd say i'm one of the most empathetic people I know. I just don't have empathy for someone wasting their time on a cause I don't support. I would not say it to the guys face unless I was asked for my opinion.

1) You've still failed to demonstrate that they have sufficient resources & manpower. Again, you're simply saying 790K is a big number - so what's the problem!? Let's forget that number for a second - what's the minimum number of police, operating in a competent manner that could police all protests & handle all crime in the US? You must have an answer to this as you seem certain that 790K is more than enough! If you could also explain your working that would be great ;)

2) Again, your habit of the removal of all nuance is front and centre here... Yes, it is their duty to maintain order and protect, but look at what they're up against - large areas of extreme poverty where crime flourishes, draconian narcotics laws that ensure an endless cycle of gang related violence and drug networks, the world's largest 'rehabilitation' industry, that is more effective at taking petty criminals and turning them into career criminals than it is at turning their lives around, a resurgence in race-related tensions throughout the country (stoked by you know who), resulting in more violence, I could go on, but you get the point... 

You could double the numbers of police and you're still not going to eradicate crime as until the systemic causes of these problems are addressed they are essentially acting as crime conveyer belts...

It's really, really easy to just say that they should just be more competent but there is no magic wand it's an incredibly complex situation. You can continue to criticise everyone and everything for not being your optimal Utopian version, but it solves nothing...

3) So you only have empathy for people who's stances mirror your own? I'm not sure you understand the definition of empathy...

The guy is having to spend his last days filling in forms to ensure that he has an exit strategy that avoids months of pain and torment. jason1637 determining that 'life is precious' and 'euthanasia is dumb' isn't going to alleviate his suffering. In addition to this he's deciding to put his remaining energies into campaigning for a cause that he deeply believes in and if successful will benefit, not himself, but other's in similar situations in the future. I think most people would see that as noble...

But not you - it seems, to you, people fall into 2 categories - those who agree with you and dumb people who are wasting their time! A bit of humility goes a long way. But let me guess, you are one of the most humble people you know!?

1.I'm not saying that I expect them to handle all crime. I expect them to be able to handle violence at protest because this isn't the first time it's happened. It's become common so they should know how to handle it by now. Well if you take a look at this maphttps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Police_per_100,000_population_by_country_world_map.svgyou see that we have around the same amount of officers per 100k people compared to other western countries. 

2. Dude it's their job to go against these things. Don't become a cop if you can't handle the job.

3. I have lots of empathy. I feel for the guy that is suffering and that he thinks it's bad enough that he wants to end his life. I just don't believe that he should be supporting euthanasia because it's wrong. You can still be empathetic towards someone and not agree with their stances. I don't see it as noble just a waste of time. It's like if a terorrist that helped his community was about to die and trying to radicalize people in his last days. I'd see that as dumb too.