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EricHiggin said:
Machiavellian said:

lol, had to find someway to throw Trump into the mix.  At least you are focused.

Who ever said anything about them not being able to handle their job.  I stated they are undermanned.  When you come up with a solution for that problem then we can talk.  This blind believe that the Police can be everywhere at once seems silly.

Who said anything about Trump? I thought he was just 1 of 45. You just had to throw Sting into the mix... A little off topic no?

Sounds a lot like the President being hamstrung. If only they had more power to themselves or manpower in general. That wouldn't be a good thing though for many reasons, so they have to deal with what they have at the moment, and if things don't go well, guess who get's blamed, and legitimately so, apparently? If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, or should the kitchen be more comfortable?

It's too bad when the next war starts that directly impacts America, they won't be able to help much. Planning and moving troops or weapons to where they are needed asap would be so useful don't you think? One can only dream of such a world... Now if you'll excuse me, I've got more milk to churn, and you better finish stomping those grapes, before they go sour.

lol, you go me there.

I hope you have this same attitude for the next president.  should be interesting if you keep the same points if the next President isn't someone you support.