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d21lewis said:
I haven't played Morrowind or even watched a second of gameplay. Things were constantly being revealed in BotW that blew my mind, though. A few examples off the top of my head:

-I couldn't find a second orb to power some device so I just laid down some metal weapons and they actually conducted electricity

-I was fighting a giant creature in a thunder storm and had a weak weapon. I threw my weapon an the creature and he was struck by lightning

-trying to navigate a sphere through some maze, I totally bypassed the maze, put the sphere on a piece of metal, and levitated the metal to where I wanted the sphere to go.

BotW has its standard "A to B" route but it also gives you a great physics engine, some tools, and some abilities and tells you to have a blast. Basically, if you can think of it, it'll probably work. That's pretty awesome. I'm sure other games can do this but it felt pretty fresh to me when I approached Zelda.

I'll find some vids on Morrowind. I might just end up buying it! I like when games don't feel totally scripted. However, we are getting a little off track. It's turning into BotW vs Morrowind instead of "Greatest Launch Title of All Time".

Those are all fine examples - unfortunately, BotW physics engine is limited to certain cases and certain objects. It's certainly a step in right direction...but this imersive sim concept is really nothing new - Richard Garriott, aka "Lord British", creator of Ultima, one of the most (arguably THE most) influental game IPs ever, came up with it in early 90s...and if one liked cRPGs back then, BotW's "revolutionary" gameplay woudn't feel such revolutionary, as many find it.

But you're right, we got side tracked a lot with this - I tend to jump in this conversations, although I know how they'll end, when I see people glorifying certain titles, and not knowing actual game history...I guess I should know better by now.

As for Morrowind, I don't find it dated when it comes to mechanisms, if you're into such approach to RPGs (which draw heavily from pen&paper), though visually it is very dated - so depending of your preferences you might or might not find it appealing. It is last Bethesda game that was made primarily for cRPG fans (and cRPGs were always niche), so there is lot of stuff that are not as welcoming for present day gamers. But if you want something that is still considered one of the best RPGs of all times, give it a try.