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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
BraLoD said:

I think he got another interpretation of your post.

I understand you were talking about working too much/hard but the expression you used phrased the way you did made it also sound like you were talking about suicide. That was what crossed my mind first, before getting what you actually meant to say.

We here use a lot this expression " i/you are killing myself/yourself working that Much"

Maibe you and him read my comment and got : "why would Sony CARE about japanese when they ONLY work until decide to kill themselfs" ?

Bah, not my intention at all. 🤷

We have this expression here too: Está se matando de tanto trabalhar. Which means working too much/hard, more than should be.

I know what you meant, I told you that, but sadly the other meaning crossed my mind and did it first.

Was just trying to point it out to you, sadly the way you worded it in your phrase gave it room for both understantings.

Not blaming you either, again, I know what you meant.