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Homecoming for me. It had a breezy humility to it--like it was surprised by everything it did right. Far From Home, like a lot of sequels to successful properties, strains to recapture the magic. The writers (and Gyllenhaal) absolutely nailed Mysterio. I adored the reality-bending sequences (I wish there were more of them!) and the meta commentary on political, journalistic, and even cinematic illusions.

But a lot of the action--particularly in the front half--was inert, and the many of the high-school jokes fell flat. Also, there is a surprising and disappointing lack of chemistry between Holland and Zendaya.

Finally, I think Marvel has done the character a disservice by sending him on a globe-hopping adventure with Iron Man-esque tech. He's starting to feel like any other MCU hero, when his strengths lie in his connection to the people of New York and his humble origins.

Overall, the movie feels like a tonal reset after the weight of End Game. I expect Spider-Man 3, free to be its own thing, will score higher.