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Haven't played Witcher 3 yet; picking it up when it releases for Switch later this year.

I did really like Witcher 2 on Xbox 360. I had a few minor gripes like how quickly your inventory filled up with mostly useless crap, the needlessly convoluted process of making potions and such, and that the story was so labyrinthine it was often hard to keep track of all the factions, characters, and motivations.

Still, the combat was satisfying, its distinct and colourful yet grounded flavour of fantasy was more interesting then the usual Medieval-Britain-but-there's-dragons thing, its moral choices were generally more nuanced and impactful than is typical in gaming, and its bold, sweeping ambition made it easy to forgive its occasional stumbles. A very good 8/10 game teetering on the brink of 9/10 greatness.

Radek said:
Can't wait to see Switch version... it might be the most demanding game the Switch will ever get.

Quite possibly, and as such I'm also very keen to see how it turns out. It's not often we see a conversion this ambitious.