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JRPGfan said:
RolStoppable said:
It's not like Sony had a real choice. They can't compete with Nintendo without a tremendous advantage in third party support, so they are forced to focus on the regions where they have a chance. Ceding Japan to Nintendo is financially more reasonable than engaging in an uphill battle they can't win. Microsoft realized the same thing after the first half of the Xbox 360's lifecycle.

Plus I think US is actually more biased towards buying Xbox's, than Europe is towards buying Playstation.

This gen, if Xbox had done a fantastic job, but Sony had flopped all over (with games, and hardware, and policies) the way xbox did this gen, things would be dire for Playstation 4, even in europe.

Thus I dont think its wrong that Sony tries to focus their strengths to the region where they do best.
Its like their protecting their base, so that it stays healthy in future.

I do not think people i  the US are biad towars buying XBox.  Maybe with the 360, sure that much is a given.  But until the Switch came out, the PS4 was selling most in the US most of the time.

In Europe on the other hand, it would appear that Playstation is WAAAAAY ahead of the XBox brand.  With that in mind, EU seems to be heavily bias toward Playstation.  X1 lost a lot of traction in EU, but they really did not even have much more last gen than they do now as the EU and Japanese market is the sole reason the PS3 made a comeback to pass 360 in lifetime sales by the end of the generation.  Nintendo has a healthy presence in EU, much better than MS, with the Switch but even then they are the underdog in that market.

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