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Pemalite said:
EricHiggin said:

Well Nvidia did things a little differently than I anticipated by preemptively 'dropping' their prices while phasing out the OG 2000 series, which covers a couple angles at once which was smart, but AMD did as I figured and dropped their prices almost immediately afterwards. With the OG 2000 series being replaced by the Super cards, I really don't see any more price drops coming until the holidays at the earliest, especially based on the preemptively 'dropped' Super prices already, so this actually should work out even better for the Radeon 5700 series I would think.

Now AMD has to slowly start filling the Navi line up with competitive models at each performance level and build hype over the next year.

nVidia isn't phasing out all of it's older Turing cards. - nVidia has just moved the performance line up a fairly heft notch in it's product stack.

End of the day... Navi should slot in under Vega 7 anyway which will remain as AMD's flagship part... We might even get another Vega part with the full compliment of CU's too, but unlikely.

I was hearing that some of the 2000 series were being phased out, other than the higher models like the 2080 ti. I could see them keeping the 2060, but with the performance of the Super models almost all moving up a model in the stack, I don't really see the point in keeping the 2070 or 2080, especially if a Super 2080 is on it's way. The holiday would be the perfect time for that card, especially if AMD drops something competitive against the 2080.

Aren't Navi 10,12, and 20/21 confirmed basically? AMD said Vega and GCN would remain for compute but that RDNA was for gaming, and they've also been talking about having more models for sale and stretching out launches for their product lines to keep people constantly focused on their brands and what's new. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 5600 model between now and the holidays, and a 5800 model for the holidays. Save the 5900 model for the new year sometime?

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