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Jumpin said:
DarthMetalliCube said:

Every nation has, and should have, borders, that they enforce - Even the free and equal United States. Why should we in the US exclusively be exempt from this? If you don't have some sort of boundaries, well.. you won't have a United States much longer, and then what's the point? 

I'm all for an easier path to legal citizenship, but illegal crossings are, well, illegal.. I'd love to let everybody in (who isn't a criminal) who would be a possitive influence to society that want to escape a shittier life for a chance at prosperity here, but it's like they said on South Park - if we let everyone in who wants to come in, we'll eventually end up being shitty too. You just cannot have a sustainable country with a billion residents without the vast marjotiry (legal AND illegal) living in extreme poverty), at least I don't see it. We already have millions struggling to make a living wage here. Is it really a good idea to add 10s of millions more? At what point does the fabric of the country become torn apart completely? 

And I'm so done with that "right side of history," that cringeworthy phrase. It just sounds a little creepily cultish and authoritarian to me. Take it from a guy who have studied history thoroughly and has graduated university w/a history degree. Many people who are 100% convinced they were on the "right side of history" end up being very, very much on the WRONG side of it. The "right side of history" is always "to be determined", and usually pretty subjective.

At least from where I sit, I'm seeing the left wing in our country become insanely Authoritarian, intolerant, and pro-censorship. That isn't the right side of history from my lens. 

You have a weird idea of what authoritarianism is if you think it is the revolutionary founding principle of the United States which can be summarized as: the equality of all people and the fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

You are ideologically on the wrong side of US history because what you support is counter to the goals of the US’s founding fathers and their revolutionary experiment. Call them a cult if you like, it doesn’t make your assertions any more correct. History is not on your side.

History is not on my side as a left leaning libertarian? Huh.. how do you figure? I love how people assume you're some nutty right winger if you merely don't share all the hardcore Authoritarian left wing views or hold some logical stances like "we can't have a a hundred million people flooding into this country and granted health care". We just do not have the money/stability for that. 

Quality and the fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is precisely what I believe. I also believe in common sense.