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m0ney said:

I'm 8 hours in and I have yet to see strong wind NOT blowing and bending trees and bushes like crazy.

So far I'm not impressed with this game, it doesn't feel like an RPG but just another open world game with busy work activities. It feels like the original game from 2007 but more technically advanced and with more stuff to do.

Yeah, the "haunted" trees are moving way, way too much.

As for being RPG...if you're frequenting RPG sites, you will actually see lot of people considering TW3 not to be RPG at all. Personally, I think it's borderline case, still being RPG (just barely, though), but setting blueprint for this popular brand of pseudo-RPGs (like Horizon, AC:Origins/Odyssey), action-adventures masquerading as RPGs.

Depending on how much you've been exposed to old RPGs, you might find it severely lacking when it comes to RPG mechanisms, but it does maker up for it in great world and good story and characters.

For all the praise it got, it is actually worth playing (though I prefer TW2, due to attention to detail that TW3 lacks), but lower your expectations - it is fairly good game (personally, it's 8 for me, though depending on particular element of game design it swings all the way from 6 to 10), but IMO nowhere near the best that genre has to offer.