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I guess based on the recent 1st party output that Sony has released (i.e., The Last of Us, Uncharted, Detroit: Become Human, God of War, etc.), Sony has become more "Western." I don't think it particularly matters, its just something that Sony ended up leaning towards when it came to software development.

There are various successes in recent years from both a Western and Japanese perspective. While games like Resident Evil 7 (and 2 Remake) and Monster Hunter World showed that Japanese developers can use Western influences to create critically and commercially great games, games like Atlus' Persona 5, Square Enix's Dragon Quest XI, and Platinum Games' Nier Automata show that Japanese-rooted games can also be successful critically and commercially. Hell, Nintendo is home to some of the most recognized IPs in the world and they are mostly Japanese-rooted (outside of a certain few like Metroid).