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m0ney said:

I'm 8 hours in and I have yet to see strong wind NOT blowing and bending trees and bushes like crazy.

So far I'm not impressed with this game, it doesn't feel like an RPG but just another open world game with busy work activities. It feels like the original game from 2007 but more technically advanced and with more stuff to do.

I will say that a game should have sold itself to the player within 8 hours or so.  If it hasn't gotten you yet, the blame goes on the devs.  But, IMO, the  story becomes more interesting in the middle third of the game.  So, you're not there yet.  Also, the second DLC (I can't remember the name right now) is the very best content in the game.  Hopefully, the game will pull you in and keep you around so you'll be able to experience it all.