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PAOerfulone said:
gamingsoul said:
The switch is doing really well, if it keeps going like this for a few years it could beat the ps4 or atleast get very close, but something everyone is not mentioning is the arrival of the new generation, right now the ps4 and Xbox are on the way out and nintendo is getting all the attention, but as soon as the new consoles arrive I wonder if the switch could keep selling so well, a price drop and mini switch could do it but new hardware will probably leave nintendo without triple aaa third party support, plus new stuff creates more hype, it will be very interesting to see what happens.

Sony & Microsoft are going to be selling to very different groups of people and samples of the overall gaming audience than Nintendo. In the beginning, the people who buy a system, any system, at launch or within the first year are the diehard, dedicated, loyal fans of the brand - the fanboys and fangirls, basically. In this case the PlayStation and Xbox diehards. And by late 2020 or 2021, those people will either already have a Switch or aren't even going to bother or consider it. It usually isn't until the 3rd or 4th year of a console's life cycle, when it has built a strong enough library of games and had a price cut/revision or two, when they really start to target the casual gaming audience that's a lot more flexible and open then their dedicated fanbases - which is where Nintendo is heading now.

By the time the PS5 and Scarlett come out, the Switch will have already been on the market for over 3 1/2 years... built up a strong library of games... and had a price cut/revision or two. I expect the Switch to be around $200-250 by that point, while the PS5 and Scarlett launch somewhere between $400-500. That's a huge gap in prices, around 2:1. The kind of consumer or gamer who jumps out and buys a system at $400-500 is not the same kind of consumer or game who waits to buy it at $200-250. 

Long story short, PS5 and Scarlett aren't going to effect the Switch, nor is the Switch going to effect PS5 and Scarlett, the only real competition and tug of war we're going to see when PS5 and Scarlett come out is going to be the one they have with each other. Meanwhile, the Switch will continue to sell and perform as it has up to that point. And when the PS5 and Scarlett eventually reach the point where it will start to target the mass, casual audience, the Switch will already be on its way out and close to being replaced, just like the PS4 and Xbox One are now. It'll pretty much be a turning of the tables and their roles will be reversed.

interesting opinion, you could be right, but what’s your take on third party support? So far we have seen some very good switch ports while others not so much, will it be posible to port ps5/xbox2 games to the switch? I think it’s very unlikely that third party developers will develope exclusive for the switch and with new hardware people will be expecting bigger more impressive games, don’t you think it could hurt the switch? in this industry hype sometimes drive sales alone, also could the switch keep selling so well with just nintendo and indie support?will developers prefer the higher user base of the switch over the new technology? The gaming industry is very interesting at this point.