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Behold the Friday news!


Overcooked is this week’s free game on the Epic Store
As promised, the Epic Store has yet again rotated its weekly roster of free games as it will continue to do until the end of 2019. This week they have made the co-op, cooking sensation that is Overcooked available for free until the 11th of July.
Just hop onto your Epic Store client if you feel like having some indie game fun with friends, or you can download it here.
On the 11th of July, the store will have the Diablo-esque dungeon crawler named Torchlight as the next free game, and we will be sure to remind our readers here.

Get free Sega classics in Amplitude's Endless Summer event
Endless Space 2 developer Amplitude Studios is hosting a summery event this week, offering free Sega games, putting on competitions and doing daily streams, including the developer's first German and French language streams.
To get access to the freebies, you'll want to sign up to Amplitude's Games2Gether programme. It's a community platform that the developer has used for its Endless games to track development, get feedback, give the community free stuff and host events like this.
By linking your Steam account, you'll be able to grab two of the Sega classics on offer, which include Ecco: The Tides of Time and Ristar. There are a further 23 rewards you can download from Games2Gether, ranging from Endless-themed mocktail recipes to free DLC.

On the Humble Store there are a couple new sales:

At Fanatical, there's a bunch of deals too:




Super Mario Maker 2 is already playable on the Nintendo Switch emulator, yuzu
The team behind one of the most promising Nintendo Switch emulators, yuzu, has released a new update that allows the emulator to play Super Mario Maker 2. Yeap, you read that right; the latest Mario game can boot, goes in-game and is mostly playable on yuzu.
As the team noted, it has been hard at work getting some important services and functions implemented in yuzu. Thanks to these new services and functions, Super Mario Maker 2 can now boot and is playable.

Geralt's gorgeous hair gets some love in this Witcher 3 mod
The Witcher 3 might not have spawned the sort of mod community that Skyrim enjoys, but five years (!) on, people are still are still working away on it. One of the newest additions spruces up Geralt's magnificent mane. After all, his hair is one of the game's most important characters.
"It bothered me how bad the LOD for some of the Hairworks hairstyles was," says modder BlurredNotions. "So I increased it for all of them."
Along with making the monster slayer's hair and beard more detailed, BlurredNotions also tweaked the physics values, making the hair more responsive at framerates higher than 60. The physics tweak is an optional file, and you can download the LOD increase on its own.
>> To get this mod, head over to Nexus Mods.


First gameplay trailer for Bandai Namco’s Unreal Engine 4-powered PC action RPG, Blue Protocol
Bandai Namco has released the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming action RPG for PC, Blue Protocol. This debut gameplay trailer will give you an idea of its art/visual style, as well as its combat mechanics.

Officiall modding tools/Assembly Kit released for Total War: Three Kingdoms
SEGA and Creative Assembly announced today the release of the official modding tools for Total War: Three Kingdoms. This basically means that in the next few weeks, PC gamers will be able to find on the game’s official Workshop a variety of mods, including unit reskins, balance tweaks, new battle maps, scripted mods, new UI elements, new events, new characters, and much more.

Sea of Solitude is now available, gets launch trailer, official PC requirements
Electronic Arts and Jo-Mei Games have announced that their story-driven adventure game, Sea of Solitude, is now available on Origin. In order to celebrate this announcement, the teams have released the game’s launch trailer as well as its official PC requirements.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa Lockhart mod released for JRPG Edge of Eternity
JRPG and Final Fantasy 7 fans, here is something for you today. While the highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII has not been officially announced yet for the PC, modder ‘MicroKnightmare’ released a brand new mod for Edge of Eternity that lets you play as Tifa Lockhart.
Tifa’s model is from Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (for which Tifa was made available recently) in her Final Fantasy 7 Remake costume. Ironically, and since Edge of Eternity is a new JRPG, this character swap mod feels actually great.
>> Get it from Nexus Mods.

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