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Azuren said:
Kai_Mao said:

You cannot deny, though, the momentum that the Switch built from launch onward was credited to Breath of the Wild. More people bought Breath of the Wild than Switch units when the console first launched. That was mainly due to the low supply the Switch had once it launched, and Switch sold over 2+ million from March to April (or was it May?) in 2017.

I never denied that, simply stated that BotW wasn't a killer app for the Switch. It was a killer app for Nintendo, and Switch was just the objectively better option.

Wyrdness said:

Not entirely true because the performance of the Wii U meant that most of the people who have eventually bought it and are buying it didn't have the said platform so the game forced these people into a choice Switch or Wii U which still makes it a killer app as it made you have to buy a platform from the one company and not a competing one.

What are you on about? You literally just paraphrased what I said, but with an attempt to spin it in the other direction.

Choice existed, you didn't need to buy a Switch to get BotW. It was just the better option.

But based on the data, especially early on, it was apparent that Switch owners bought the said console because of Breath of the Wild. Out of 13 million Wii U owners, only about more than 1.5 million of them owned the Wii U version of BoTW, even as of this day. Even now, BotW on Switch has incredible legs, over 2 years since it released. Not to mention its the best-selling game in the franchise by a good margin.