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jason1637 said:

Antifa were the ones that came to the HimToo march to cause trouble. Ngo was live streaming the march. Even if he did antagonize online they shouldn't be attacking someone that hasnt laid a hand on them. The antifa guys also attacked some officers after but they are in police custody right now.

Good thing they didn't run him over in a car or something.

Jokes aside, that is certainly uncalled for.

TallSilhouette said:

Not exactly news, but too good not to share:


And this tidbit to top it off.


“Of course they’re going to attack him [Trump]. That’s what you would do. And let’s be honest, if it were the adversary—an adversary from your party on the other side, we would do the same thing.”

Blatant and admitted bias.

Massimus - "Trump already has democrat support."