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The news, part two:

Hitman 2's July roadmap targets musicians
Hitman 2 is preparing for a hot, loud summer full of killer musicians and killing musicians, kicking off tomorrow, July 4, with The Babayeva Dissonance. It's an escalation contract where you'll be blowing up a noisy band on the Isle of Sgail. Agent 47 apparently doesn't appreciate a good tune.

Stranger Things portals have appeared in Fortnite
Season 3 of Stranger Things, the bad nostalgia show brought to you by Coca-Cola, drops on July 4 and because Fortnite is companion pop culture neutron star that sucks in as many big brands as possible (from the Avengers and John Wick to the NFL and Air Jordan) portals from the popular Netflix series have appeared on the battle royale map.

The French are coming! (for the UK's game developers)
The apparent inevitability of Brexit and the havoc it seems likely to wreak has most people resigned to simply making the best of it. One rather large group of such people is the entire nation of France, which has launched a program called "Join the Game" aimed at promoting the country as an epicenter of game development, and enticing developers who, for one reason or another, might be looking to relocate in the near future.

Artifact designer thinks it can be saved but isn't interested in doing 'damage control'
In a recent interview with Eurogamer, designer Richard Garfield acknowledged the raft of complaints but also defended the game, saying "there's demonstrable information to the contrary" regarding what unhappy players thought about it.

Deleted tweet suggests Auto Chess alpha test could begin very soon (but not this week)
The big names in the burgeoning "autobattler" genre right now are Dota Underlords from Valve, and Teamfight Tactics from Riot Games. But a third contender, from the team that started the whole thing with the mega-popular Dota Auto Chess mod, looks like it will soon enter the fray too.
Update: A Dragonest rep said in an email that despite the tweet, the Auto Chess alpha will not begin this week, and that an actual start date has not been set.

Jedi: Fallen Order's lightsaber will be more vibrant following E3 criticism
I didn't notice anything wrong with Jedi: Fallen Order's lightsaber—apart from its inability to cut things in two—but apparently I wasn't looking hard enough.
The lightsaber was missing the bright white core lightsabers usually have, and was instead more of a solid blue, according to the critics. (I'm not sure who those critics were, but good eyes, critics.) You can see that version of the lightsaber in the EA Play gameplay video above.

Due to declining player numbers, Battlerite's next season may be its last
Battlerite will get its third Battle Pass later this month, but it may be the last, according to a statement by Stunlock Studios. Citing declining player numbers and investment, the well-received MOBA hybrid will have its development scaled back, with the studio investigating how best to handle both Battlerite and its battle royale component as it moves to new projects.

The Langrisser JRPG series is returning to PC after a 20 year absence
Langrisser is a tactical, turn-based JRPG series missing in action for the last few decades. While PC did get a weird browser-based spin-off in the form of Langrisser Tri-Swords, it was Japan only, and for that matter, most Langrisser games have remained unlocalised, except for the original game and a few fan translations.

The Aliens shooter developer is hiring again
The hint of an Aliens game gets me all frothy, even if it's just a studio putting out the call for new team members. Cold Iron Studios' unnamed Aliens game was teased at the start of 2018, and we've not heard much about it since. Until this week, the last tweet from the official account was from November, but there are once again signs of life.

Builders of Egypt looks like a modern Pharaoh
Builders of Egypt is a historical city builder where you'll need to nurture towns, erect pyramids and get into the occasional military squabble up and down the Nile. It bears a striking resemblance to Impressions Games' Pharaoh and its spiritual successor, Children of the Nile, something I've been waiting to say for over a decade. Check out the trailer above.

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