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Part two of the news:

Unavowed developer releases secret game jam experiment
Wadjet Eye's Dave Gilbert is one of the best adventure game designers around, and together with artist Ben Chandler he's responsible for the likes of the Blackwell series and Unavowed. He's also been experimenting with Unity and, under a fake name, entered AdventureJam 2019 and produced a 3D short. He's decided it's time to share it.

Claptrap presents a guide to Borderlands 3's Pandora
Borderlands 3 will send vault hunters across space and to various worlds, but the series mainstay, Pandora, will still be around. Gearbox has put together a video showing off the vibrant wildlife inhabiting the dusty world, all waiting to be riddled with bullets. And Claptrap. Mostly Claptrap.

Epic pledges to cover refunds on crowdfunded games that go EGS exclusive
The original Shenmue 3 Kickstarter campaign stated that the game would be released on Steam, a plan that went out the window last month when Deep Silver and Ys Net announced that would be an Epic Games Store exclusive for one year. Upsetting unhappy backers even more was an apparent reluctance to offer refunds: Ys Net and Epic said they would "assess the situation" but didn't commit to giving unhappy backers their money back until today.
Shortly after today's refund announcement was made, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to say that this kind of situation won't happen again—not because Epic isn't going to continue pursuing exclusives (it is), but because it will cover any existing commitments to other storefronts, or guarantee refunds in lieu of that.

Blizzard says Hearthstone card art changes have nothing to do with China
Blizzard made changes to the artwork on eight Hearthstone cards yesterday (and changed the names of two of them), and the reaction was not entirely positive. Multiple posters in this Reddit thread, for instance, speculate that the sex and violence was dialed back in order to be in line with Chinese regulations. That would not be unprecedented: China's gaming market is heavily censored, and Blizzard has previously made changes to World of Warcraft visuals in order to comply with regulations.

Cuphead's 'The Delicious Last Course' DLC has been delayed to 2020
Initially announced in 2018, Cuphead was meant to get a substantial DLC pack this year in the form of 'The Delicious Last Course'. The expansion will introduce a new isle of levels, a new playable character, "a dollop of" new weapons and charms, and as you'd expect, more bosses to bang your head against. But a new teaser trailer today confirms that the DLC won't release until 2020.

Repair a frightful machine in free horror game Please
Please continues one of 201X's grand traditions: the revival of late-'90s-ish horror games, like you might find on the original PlayStation or the Sega Saturn. (And, of course, the PC, but that's not really the look most are going for.) Somewhat's Please is the latest. It's a tense, short delve into an ambiguous world where a janitor looks after a great machine. You are that janitor. Please ignore the horrible noises and do your job.

Plant trees in minutes in relaxing free gardening game Meditation Forest
I was a little startled when the otherwise relaxing Meditation Forest suddenly began to fade out, and then to shut down, as I don't find time limits to be all that calming. Still, nothing lasts forever, and you should definitely play around with this tactile forestation game while it lets you.

Warsaw is a striking World War 2 RPG coming in September
Warsaw, the tactical RPG set during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, piqued my interest back when it was revealed in February. A suitably moody trailer, unusual premise for an RPG and the unexpected hint of Darkest Dungeon made for a memorable introduction. The latest trailer, accompanying the September release date announcement, shows off a bunch of in-game footage this time, so give it a watch above.

Dota Underlords is getting a 'Proto-Battle Pass' this week
Dota Underlords, Valve's Dota-themed autobattler, is due an update this week, with "experimental features" that the team's keen to test on its Early Access guinea pigs. There are some tweaks and reworks coming, too, along with the first version of the battle pass.

Satisfactory goes nuclear with its second update
Satisfactory's second Early Access update introduces the awesome power of nuclear energy to the factory builder. If you've been watching Chernobyl and are terrified of nuclear power, you're very sensible, because along with all that power comes the spectre of radiation.

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