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CuCabeludo said:
DonFerrari said:

That was the standard.

PS4 was the first time they were able to break even at launch with only a game plus PS+ subs. And in like 1 year were already breaking even on the HW alone.

No doubt that, both sony and ms will take losses with their next consoles for at least 2 years. MS can take such losses easily, but for Sony which depends a lot on their gaming department, it will be a heavier task.

I think xbox is the one whit problems here. They have spend lots of money whit new studios and banking on gamepass ( they sure are losing money whit $1 deals and day 1 exclusives). Also, xbox sure isn't as focused in "selling hardware" as playstation, i mean look at Phill spencer recent comments about "selling consoles" and the "play anywere" thing.

Truly feels like Playstation is much more focused on making you buy their console than xbox, and at the same time people need to remember that xbox don't have unlimited acess to MS money, investiments on new studios, gamepass and new console sure are going to hurt.

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