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CuCabeludo said:
DonFerrari said:

That was the standard.

PS4 was the first time they were able to break even at launch with only a game plus PS+ subs. And in like 1 year were already breaking even on the HW alone.

No doubt that, both sony and ms will take losses with their next consoles for at least 2 years. MS can take such losses easily, but for Sony which depends a lot on their gaming department, it will be a heavier task.

Depends how you look at it, Sony as a whole or just the games division. PlayStation posted a $2.87 Billion operating profit last fiscal year, so they could sell 28.7m consoles at a $100 loss before wiping out that years profit.

The forecast for this Fiscal year is $2.55 Billion operating profit. They're raking in enough money that they can afford to take a hit.

Personally however I don't think the PS5 will be sold at a significant loss, not $100 per unit anyway. I expect a $500 price-tag and under $600 to produce.

Edit: After seeing that the PS4 sold at a $60 loss I've changed my mind. PS5 may possibly lose more than $100 per unit.Will be easier to guess when we know full specs. Is it an APU? How much RAM? Size of SSD? HDD? etc.

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