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taus90 said:

I dont think sony will buy studios that are already making games exclusively for playstation like housmarque, bluepoint and insomniac. Sony already has enough studios that can deliver story based single player games, VR is also covered. Right now sony only needs studio that can deliver on Multiplayer games and arcade racers, Sony needs somebody who can revive Socom, Warhawk and twisted metal series.

My wishful thinking is Sony should buy only one studio BUNGIE, I know they dont wanna be first party but if insomniac is in the mix then i would prefer bungie.

Also I strongly feel sony will not buy any major studios, but instead several exclusive gaming deals, and i think major one could be GTA6.

I'm also not sure if they will, but considering the moves Microsoft is making by going on acquisition sprees, they probably should be looking to expand. Especially if their core business depends on Playstation remaining the #1 box to play games.

With Google looking to justify their Stadia investment and Microsoft announcing new acquisitions on a regular basis, this is as much of a defensive move (preventing a competitor from getting exclusives) as it is an investment on solidifying their own first party offerings.

There's no exclusivity possible on GTA6 anyway. Less than 0% chance of that happening. Kojima Prod should be a no brainer anyway, and if pleasing the hardcore is really the strategic decision, then From Software should be on the top of their lists. Not sure there's another development team they could sign that would have a louder impact among the hardcore gaming audience.