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DeusXmachina said:
Machiavellian said:
It would be best for Remedy to come under the umbrella of MS and gamepass and they can make all the Alan Wake's they want without fishing for publishers. Gamepass is their avenue to stop the fishing and make what they want.

One of the developers they "fished" for is MS and they got turned down. I don't think Remedy would be very eager to work with MS again.

Although, people said the same thing about Obsidian and Double Fine...

Noticed I said under Gamepass.  Gamepass is a difference setup and model for MS where MS is looking for content instead of AAA games that sell in the double digit millions.  While Alan Wake games are considered very good games, sell wise they did not do so great.  The games do have a dedicated fanbase and Remedy as a studio has a good fanbase as well as good tech which is what MS want.  Gamepass works best for both the developer as they are not pressured to sell millions of copies, their games will probably get more users to play them because its on gamepass and the studio can focus on what they do best.  MS want exclusive content and a wide range at that because the more diverse their selection the better chance to gain more subs.  MS approach to studios and what those studios produce is much different now then in the past and the current model probably fits Remedy as a company more than what they are currently doing today.