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KiigelHeart said:
WoodenPints said:

It's only the publishing rights to Alan Wake/American Nightmare that have expired and reverted to Remedy they could of made Alan Wake 2 anytime they wanted as they have always owned the Alan Wake IP and they did pitch it to many publishers but no one took them up on it. The only thing that has changed is they could port Alan Wake/American Nightmare to Switch/PS4 or maybe a remaster for next gen on all platforms.

Ah ok I didn't remember they already owned the IP. So this news was pretty much nothing lol. Well it's quiet here anyway..

I agree with Machiavellian, game pass would be a perfect place for Remedy to make their story-driven games. Not everything they do needs to be AAA anyway. 

We're all busy playing games.

Started CoD WWII and it's really good so far, but I'm only 2 levels in.
Then bought the Shantae Half Genie Hero DLCs from the sale and played through the Pirate's Quest, which I consider to be extremely disappointing. I was expecting a lot more than just very very slight adjustments of already existing levels down to the same bosses (except the final one). Definitely not recommended.
Also started the Crackdown 3 update, which is quite nice. Wingsuit feels easier to use than in Crackdown 2. Lots of easy achievements to get.

But where the hell is my Spyro Trilogy which I ordered even before CoD WWII (both from the same UK retailer). Pretty sure it got dispatched sooner as well.