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Azuren said:
Machiavellian said:

Yeah, just face it you found something to discriminate someone with and you jump right for it.  People who are quick to discriminate others always look for some fallacy they can use to dismiss something.  You have shone a classic pattern of doing just that.  I am sure you walk down the street judging people without ever saying a word to them.  You make the perfect hero for Trump and would fit quite nicely within his administration.  You should look for a job, I am sure he is hiring with so many positions open. 

Also, you should know just in case you forgot it was you who brought up the whole username laughing point in the first place.  I like how you bring something as stupid as a username into a discussion then try to get all high and mighty when its thrown back in your face as the reflection of your own prejudice rises with each post.

There you go again, conflating immutable characteristics and relationship statuses with things people actively choose, like usernames.

Reply again. Keep proving me right. Keep digging your heels into a machiavellian tactic while telling me I'm just discriminating you based on your username.

The funny thing is that he is right about you despite not knowing much about you.

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