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o_O.Q said:

"There was nothing valid about your image."

well come on now, there is, socialists constantly claim that there are no real world examples of socialism, whether you agree or disagree with this you should at least be able to acknowledge that this is a thing

What I do know is that some people such as yourself always turn discussions that have nothing to do with that, into an argument about the definition of socialism. In order to imply that America will turn into those countries you listed if they adopt one more socialistic program out of the many they already have.

This started because someone called Democrats "communists", because they want universal healthcare like every other developed democracy on the planet.

"Socialism is an extremely broad term."

socialism as its defined is the public ownership of resources, the abolition of private property and the formation of a stateless society... people include each of these descriptions to varying degrees but ultimately no matter what they all agree that the central idea is public ownership

how does this not describe public ownership?

It's a very broad term because there are many different kinds of socialistic models. I'm not arguing that the definition you're citing doesn't apply here. That's fine.
Just that you shouldn't use that to draw a correlation between a healthcare system proposed by the Democrats, and a system where the government owns essentially everything. Because you know they're trying to do what every other developed democracy is doing.

The point of that image you posted is to mischaracterize the discussion. That it isn't "We want to do what Canada are doing", but rather "That's socialism, and no country has managed to do socializm. You wanna eat rats like Venezuela?"

"That Bernie wants private health insurance to be relegated to elective procedures."

he says he wants private health insurance to be eliminated

Sanders: "That means boldly transforming our dysfunctional system by ending the use of private health insurance, except to cover non-essential care like cosmetic surgeries"

That's how he specified it when asked.

which I did not do, I never made a comparison, what I said is that this is clearly socialism

the image as I explained above was to describe a certain trend where real world examples are denied constantly, it has nothing to do with comparing healthcare across nations and if you read my comment you'd realise that

The discussion has very much, if not everything, to do with the healthcare debate. Because that's the major reason for why people are calling Democrats "communists" and "socialists" (in a negative connotation, not the rest-of-the-industrialized-world connotation) here.

The first posts that started the discussion you responded to did that. And then you, by arguing a definition of the term, drew a correlation to the countries you listed.

Which is off-topic and irrelevant. What is relevant is that what he said fits the definition of a social democracy like some of the countries I listed.
And you know that's what he's referring to. So it's pretty clear what your intention with that off-topic discussion is.


So no more discussions about the definition of Socialism or Venezuela, Cuba, Cambodia, etc in this thread.

This is over now. Move on or be moderated.

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