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Trumpstyle said:
I read that WSJ article, for some reason I can't access it again, a paywall appears. The article never mention anything about time-exclusive it's just pushsquare that assumes this. The article was about Sony going after the hardcore gamers with the PS5 and focusing on games from big publishers, indie games is just less important.

With this information I think PS5 will be more expensive than $400 and more likely $500+ and they are focusing on power, not price for the PS5.

^ this.


"According to a new report, PlayStation is doubling down on hardcore gamers with the PS5"

"The report comes way of Wall Street Journal who claims Sony will focus on its more PlayStation hardcore base with the PS5. And this is quite different than what Xbox and Google's marketing plan has been so far, which has been to expand gaming to bigger audiences."

Anyways Sony knows it needs to send more $ on games for next gen, and is willing to do so.
Next gen will see even more AAA games from Sony.

Why? they believe its what the hardcore gamer wants, basically.

Sony isnt planning to go chaseing after new or bigger audiences, from say streaming, they are going after the hardcore/traditional gamers.