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LuccaCardoso1 said:
Nautilus said:

Wut?What are you rambling about?

DonFerrari is correct.The commenter voice is obviously male, so while she didnt explicitly said anything about him being male and all, the moment she says "I use your cock, in "the middle of" your ass", its obvious she assumes he is a male.And even if the guy is actually a woman, how does it makes it less worse?I mean, its still extremely offensive.

Man, there is no defending this racist and prejudiced woman.I know this goes against your idealistic view of life, but still...

"The commenter's voice"? She reads a comment, the commenter has no voice.

I'm not defending her, it was extremely offensive, but DonFerrari speaks Portuguese and deliberately lied in his transcription of what she said. You have every right to criticize her, but you have no right to criticize her with lies. That's all.

Unless someone talked over the video, the video has clearly a voice atrributed to it.Unless its an automated voice(Synthetic voice), then I stand corrected.

Even then, as I said, man or woman, its still extremely offensive.And if DonFerrrari made the same mistake as I did(assuming the synthetic voice is true) his comment is still as valid as it was before, so I dont get how he lied and we should disregard all what he said before.

And I mean, since you contested only this point, I assume you agree with the rest?That this Gabriela is garbage and got what she deserved?

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