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Nautilus said:
LuccaCardoso1 said:

Why are you lying? What the hell

What he said is simply not the truth. What she said was exactly: "Why do you access a stream for the first time and already ask what the streamer uses for streaming?" Then she said those thing about the commenter's cock. It was obviously super rude, but she didn't mention the commenter's gender and neither she nor us have a way to even know if it was a guy.

I don't know why DonFerrari lied, but draw your own conclusions from that.

Wut?What are you rambling about?

DonFerrari is correct.The commenter voice is obviously male, so while she didnt explicitly said anything about him being male and all, the moment she says "I use your cock, in "the middle of" your ass", its obvious she assumes he is a male.And even if the guy is actually a woman, how does it makes it less worse?I mean, its still extremely offensive.

Man, there is no defending this racist and prejudiced woman.I know this goes against your idealistic view of life, but still...

"The commenter's voice"? She reads a comment, the commenter has no voice.

I'm not defending her, it was extremely offensive, but DonFerrari speaks Portuguese and deliberately lied in his transcription of what she said. You have every right to criticize her, but you have no right to criticize her with lies. That's all.