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DarthMetalliCube said:

As I expected, my two favorite candidates by far, Tulsi and Yang got like a collective 6 minutes over the two evenings of the DNC debates.. Ridiculous. Not interested in the other candidates.

I guess Warren interests me somewhat, as she seems to be the most adamant and running most on calling out Wallstreet, student loan forgiveness, and wanting to break up/place stricter regulations on big tech. She also seems to be on of the few Dem candidates besides Tulsi calling out the free speech issues of social media. But she also has some highly suspect stances for me.. I would be ok with her being the front runner I suppose. She would certainly be preferable to me over the Neolib corporatist creeper Biden.

Yang got horribly shafted by the moderators and media. That was really frustrating. I'm not counting him out completely yet though. He's already qualified for the July debate, yes? So he has another chance. He gained name recognition, but none of the other measures changed much, which to me means people were probably confused, understandably given how little time he got. All those people who now know his name but don't know what to think might just end up looking into him themselves in order to form an opinion. And he has a month to form a strategy to get himself out there in the second debate.