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Machiavellian said:
Azuren said:

Again, good luck with that. 

Lol, I like you Azuren.  Nothing warms my heart when I see someone go to great lengths to find something to be prejudice to someone else.  First it's a username, next you will be seeking my nationality, sex, gender, marital status who knows what else. To use your phrase, Good luck with that.

*picks a name that is literally the description of underhanded and conniving political tendencies*

*attempts to conflate a chosen name with marginalized characteristics while also making a pass at being on the moral high ground*

The difference between me pointing out your chosen name having a meaning that implies no good faith in political discussion and you assuming I would attack you based on a marginalized characteristic is that my point had a factual basis in reality while yours is just desperately reaching for a solid argument to stand on. And the persecution of marginalized communities isn't your cudgel to wield in debate whenever it is convenient, but I wouldn't really expect much less than a person who think "Machiavellian" is a suitable name to go under for political discussion.

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